Buying a Business Video Series

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This Video Series is about what I do specifically and the most common questions I get when Searching for a Business to Buy.

I mainly focus on searching, evaluating, and putting an offer on a business with these videos. I dive lightly into putting an LOI on a business and due diligence but that is not what the meat is.

Why listen to me?

I have bought 7 businesses, built 5 businesses and sold 4 businesses. I’m all about acquisition entrepreneurship.

I don’t have an MBA and didn’t go the Private Equity route. I focus on learning by doing and most people are working in a closed silo.

I want to open the doors to everyone and show you that you buying a company is closer in reach than you think and this is how I do it.

What is this?

I break down Daily Search Activities while searching for a company to buy. I provide meaty videos, templates and tools.

Who is this for?

Someone who wants to learn more about buying a business. This can be on the side or to jump in full time. Many of the traits are the same. This is if you want financial freedom through business ownership.

Only for people who are double-down on investing in themselves.

What is included?

10 videos of me searching, contacting, researching and evaluating companies for sale.

Templates for Deal Tracker (organization)

All the tools I use

1. Intro / Setting Expectations and / Nailing Down your own Criteria

2. Daily/Weekly Search Activities - Online Companies

3. Daily/Weekly Search Activities - Offline Companies

4. Working with Brokers + Standing Out as a Buyer

5. Online Business Evaluations

6. Local Business Evaluation

7. Setting up Inbound Deal Flow

8. How to Organize Listings / Businesses

9. Business Listing Evaluations (4 videos with 18 different listings)

10. Resources - Downloadable

What is not included?

No financial deep dives. Mainly focus on searching for a company here and very briefly touch on LOI's and Due Diligence. 

What charge for this?

Buying a business is life-changing. This can change your entire financial trajectory in life. It's not for everyone though. 

I spent 4 years and lots of dinero for a 4-year degree...I should’ve just bought a small business.

Now with expectations set….

I think you’ll get a massive amount of value out of these videos, templates and tools. 

I want this!

You'll get 10+ highly actionable videos to help with daily search activities, resources, due diligence questions and best practices in buying a company.

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Buying a Business Video Series

4 ratings
I want this!